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As a recipient of a Community Service Grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Ball State PBS/WIPB-TV complies with Section 396(k)(5) of the Communications Act.


Ball State PBS Diversity Statement

Ball State PBS Mission Statement October 2015

It is the mission of Ball State PBS to inform and entertain through exploration of the arts, events & issues. While presenting a global perspective, Ball State PBS seeks innovative ways to focus on the performances, activities and concerns of the community. We strive to become a model of community service by using the unique ability of radio and television to be a catalyst for positive community change.

Programming Goals

Ball State PBS values its audience and the unique blend of ideas and attitudes that create our vibrant community. It is our responsibility to give voice to our community in all its diversity, and we demonstrate our commitment throughout our multiple platforms, including radio, television, the Internet, smartphones, tablets and other current/future digital media, by broadcasting diverse content that encourages learning and enriches everyday life.

Diversity in the Workplace and in the Communities We Serve

Ball State PBS’s workforce is representative of our community demographics. Qualified individuals from diverse nationalities, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, and socio-economic status are encouraged to apply for staff vacancies and receive interviews based upon the needs of the position.

Our recruitment efforts will continue to include historically underrepresented populations to create the cultural milieu that promotes participation by all as we are guided by Ball State University’s Strategic Plan and its focus on Diversity.

Ball State PBS is a joint licensee of Ball State University, and as such is subject to the Ball State University Board of Trustees and the University’s institutional bylaws.  Moreover, Ball State University promotes a culture of respect and civil discourse as evident in The Beneficence Pledge. Additionally, the stations’ Community Advisory Board Membership represents the multiple regions of our listening/viewing areas and encourages the participation of community members without restrictions, “…When electing Members, the Council shall act in good faith and use its best efforts to achieve a composite which reasonably reflects the diverse needs and interests of the communities served by the stations.” (Advisory Council By-Laws, Article III Section 3.1).

A commitment to a workforce that represents our communities continues with recruiting efforts. Employment opportunities are posted on the IPR and WIPB-TV and Ball State University Human Resources websites, as well as numerous print and online professional journals and newspapers that reach a diverse audience. We continually explore new opportunities for achieving and promoting diversity and to monitor and evaluate success and meet the standards of federal and state law, Ball State University’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Diversity Eligibility Criteria.

Diversity Activities and Initiatives:

  • “Community Connections” producers regularly presented guests that discussed diverse parts of our community and resources within our region with missions of assisting and educating the public about available resources to improve the quality of life in and around our listening/viewing area.
  • Entered into a sponsorship agreement with Muncie Habitat for Humanity to support improvements in housing in our communities;
  • Entered into season partnerships with Cornerstone Center for the Arts and Arts Place, Inc., community arts organizations in Muncie and Jay County that offer arts education to underserved residents;
  • Contracted with Hillcroft Services to employ dozens of individuals in the preparation of large mailings;
  • Completed a sponsorship of Motivate Our Minds, which provides before and after school activities for disadvantaged youth in a safe location;
  • Continued a long-standing agreement with Ball State PBS to promote PBS educational programming and events in our region;
  • Continued production of local news stories about the economy, health, employment, cultural events, and other timely topics.

We also operate under the Ball State PBS Code of Integrity.

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