According to the CDC’s National Youth Tobacco Survey, 1 in 5 high school students reported vaping in the past month.

Easily recognized as one of the most popular substance use trends among teens, vaping devices contain flavored e-liquids, nicotine and/or marijuana.

Although initially created to help existing smokers quit, enticing flavors such as mango, mint and tutti frutti have attracted young people and non-smokers to the products. Vaping’s popularity has by far eclipsed that of smoking cigarettes among today’s adolescents.

But, it’s important to know that vaping is not safe. Thousands of illnesses and even several dozen deaths have been linked to vaping. Teens and parents need to be educated about vaping and its potential for harm. 

Find out more about national awareness campaign, what Indiana is doing to help parents and educators, and what resources are available locally in an effort to help stop the use of vaping products.


  • Tiffany Nichols, advocacy director for the Lung Association in Indiana

  • Dr. Lynn Witty, a pulmonologist and Outreach Coordinator for the Healthy Lifestyle Center in Muncie

  • Megan Jacobs, Vice President of Product at Truth Initiative

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