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9 p.m., Friday, November 12

Experience a concert of works by legendary composer John Williams from Boston Symphony Orchestra’s summer home at Tanglewood including Williams’ new violin concerto performed by virtuoso Anne-Sophie Mutter and other works conducted by Andris Nelsons.


10 p.m., Tuesday, November 16

“Those who went into the service and those who did not, we are two different realities,” a Veteran decides. But Veterans don’t all feel the same. Veterans reflecting ask how veterans and civilians can move America forward together.

10 p.m., Wednesday, November 17

In 1613, feudal lord Date Masamune sent a Japanese diplomatic mission to Europe to negotiate with the Pope and the King of Spain in hopes opening a new trade route. Led by samurai Hasekura Tsunenaga and Franciscan monk Luis Sotelo, the expedition spent seven years traveling one-third of the globe.


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