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Tom Silva joins the rest of the crew already in historic Concord, MA, to review the next project – an 1880’s Cape Style home. The small house sits on a large piece of countryside and has seen several additions over the years. They meet the homeowners for a tour, as well as the architect to learn about the future plans.


Premiers Monday, October 11, 8 p.m.

Celebrate the influential icons of our collective and recent memory with treasures like a Jean-Michel Basquiat oil stick drawing, a Fred & Joanne Rogers trolley and card, and Julia Child’s copper pans. Which has an updated value of $500,000?

Sunday, October 24, 7:30 p.m

Charlie Brown is excited to be invited to his first-ever Halloween party. Before the party, the Peanuts gang plan to go trick or treating, with Snoopy, who is dressed as the WWI flying ace, taking his Halloween persona to the extreme. The one person who won’t be joining them for the trick or treating or the party is Linus, who will be waiting in his local pumpkin patch for the arrival of the Great Pumpkin.

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