Health is Wealth, presented by Ball State PBS, delves into wellness topics via, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and broadcasts. It explores fitness, mental health, nutrition, and prevention, empowering viewers with expert insights and real stories for informed choices, fostering healthy culture.

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Host/Writer/Director: Paul Brown
Executive Producer: Dr. Phil Hoffman
Camera Operator: Madison Trowbridge, David Champe
Graphics: Tracie Louck, Paul Brown
Animation: Nathanael Trimboli
Special Thanks: Dr. Anjolii Diaz, Elvin Cesareo, Jena Ashby, Abby Gluvna, Lisa Roossien, Dr. Michael Hicks, Dorica Watson, Kourtney McCauliff, Laura DuBois, Carrie Bonsack, Erin Tingler, Torie Foerster, Kendrick Kwoczalla, Mandy Williams, Cory Matters

A production of Ball State Public Media, with production support from Ball State University Media Services

Our Host:

Paul Brown is an Emmy-nominated Producer and Director at Ball State University. His productions for Ball State PBS have included “Comfort and Joy: An IPR Radio Drama Retrospective” and the “Now Entering…” series. His favorite healthy habit is riding his bicycle to work.