Some neighborly suggestions for Ball State PBS’s Be My Neighbor Day



“Neighbors always help you out.
That’s what a good neighbor’s all about”
—Daniel Tiger


Interested in having a “house” (booth) in the neighborhood?
Here are some handy tips:

  • Be My Neighbor Day will focus on the importance of being a good neighbor.
  • Children will be invited to use a “neighborhood map” to visit all of the booths where our community’s great neighbors “live.”
  • We would love for the organizations at each booth to offer an activity (The Daniel target audience is 2-4, but many older kids watch and will be at the event as well). This activity should touch on the importance of being a good neighbor or giving back to your community. It can be artsy or academic. Whatever fits your group’s personality. It can relate to DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD, but it’s certainly not required. If it can, in turn, help your organization or the people you serve, even better! (For example, kids could decorate placemats for the residents of a shelter or make bookmarks for early readers.)
  • If you want to familiarize yourself with Daniel and some of his catchy phrases (Ugga Mugga, anyone?), check out his website. (Some of the episodes would be a perfect fit for groups. For example, there is a neighborhood clean-up episode.)
  • There is perhaps no better episode to illustrate this event than “Neighbor Day.” In this episode, the inspiration for Be My Neighbor Day, Daniel learns that it feels good to be neighborly and that one kind act can lead to many. As Daniel sings in the episode “Do something nice for your neighbor, do something nice for your friend.” Great, right?
  • Other neighborly themes of the show include sharing, caring, cooperation and generosity.
  • At some of the booths, donations will be accepted. For example, pet products at an animal shelter booth or canned food at a food bank or mission booth.
  • While the kids are enjoying the activity, use this time to educate their parents about what you do! Tell them about ways to get involved as a family with your organization/group.
  • Tables will be available but feel free to bring your own (as well as canopies). We like the idea of each booth having its own unique look, just like the variety of houses on a neighborhood street.

Click here for the participation form for the event. And if you have any questions, please contact Michelle Kinsey at