cbphFor over 15 years, the musical duo Cook and Belle have been entertaining audiences across the nation with their music. Join WIPB-TV and hosts, Bret Cook and Michelle Belle, for “Cook and Belle’s Playhouse” as they welcome and perform with some of their favorite musical artists.


Episode 104: Danny Frazier

Cook and Belle’s Playhouse welcomes Texas native, Danny Frazier, to their show. Frazier, a son of a preacher-man, is known for his raspy, deep rooted, soulful country voice that grew from his younger days of making music and singing in church.

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Episode 103: Sarah Scharbrough

Cook and Belle’s Playhouse welcomes the soulful, piano-driven, eclectic sounds of Sarah Scharbrough. Her blend of pop, jazz, blues, country, and gospel is a refreshing sound of this original artist.

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Episode 102: Seth Cook

Cook and Belle’s Playhouse proudly presents Seth Cook in this episode. Seth Cook has released three CD’s and is a rising soulful, country rock artist and guitarist that has entertained crowds around the nation.

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Episode 101: Carl Storie

Cook and Belle’s Playhouse welcomes local legend, Carl Storie, to their playhouse. Storie’s rich R & B throwback sound, infectious stage presence, and his hit song “Dancin’ Shoes” are featured in this episode.

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